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Advanced Alarm & Camera Monitoring Software

  • central station software
  • Patriot Systems develops, markets and supports state of the art Security Alarm Monitoring software. Patriot is the most advanced Central Station Software package available incorporating the latest software technologies to deliver an extensive and seamless alarm automation system that offers power, flexibility, reliability and ease of use. Patriot's development team responds rapidly to market requirements, providing a package that is both stable and evolving its feature set.

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  • Starting a CMS or ARC

    Patriot has Start-Up packages or can help your station migrate to Patriot software.

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  • Download A Demo

    Grab our latest demo and put Patriot to the test with a full 30 day Demo.

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  • Movies and Tutorials

    Check out our Videos and tutorials section to become a Patriot Expert.

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  • Windows SQL Server

    Smart SQL Backups

    A reliable SQL database is backed up by Patriot backup systems

  • Smart Monitoring and Response UI

    Smart Consistent User Interface

    A intuitive and consistent interface makes operating Patriot easy

  • Internationally Certified

    Internationally Certified

    UL Revision 3 Certified. Patriot Stations operator with HL standards in the UK and Grade 1 in Australia

  • Alarm monitoring and Response Report

    Comprehensive alarm report & history.

    Send notifications to User Pager devices

  • central station alarm receiver

    Compatible with all major alarm receivers

    Patriot is compatible with all major formats and alarm receivers.

  • Central Station Operator

    24/7 Emergency Support Service

    Software Assurance provides 24/7 emergency support, free upgrades and health checks.

  • Intuitive User Interface

    Operators have no trouble picking up the intuitive Patriot user interface. With a modern and simple design the complexities of Patriots advanced alarm handling system is made easy to use for all level of operators. Check out our videos with the link below to see Patriot in action.

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  • Central Station User
  • Connect with your Dealers

    Free up your operators and reduce maintenance by allowing Dealers and Bureaus to add new clients and perform maintenance through a secure internet connection.

    Internet Dealer Access
  • Protect Lone Workers

    Protect your staff and lone workers by monitoring their GPS position and responding to any alert or duress signals. Patriot connects with Identicom, GoTOP and Patriot Minder.

    Patriot Minder
  • Connect with Engineers & Guards

    Automate systems by allowing Engineers to put sites on test & view signals & Guards to receive & acknowledge alarms with advanced Messaging Modules

    Messaging Modules
  • Connect with your Users

    Users can view and edit their site details and check signals through Internet Client Access. ICA can be accessed through a smart phone, tablet or computer.

    Internet Client Access
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