Why Choose Patriot?
Save Money with Patriot:  
     Patriot is competitively priced - you pay for only the modules and features you need.  

Increase profits with Patriot:
     Optional modules allow you to offer customers an extensive range of profitable services.  Automation
     features maximise productivity.

Use your existing alarm receivers and panels with Patriot: 
     Patriot supports all popular alarm receivers and alarm formats with new ones being added all the time.  

Have the latest technology with Patriot:  
     Patriot uses cutting edge programming techniques and tools.  It runs on the latest versions of Windows and
     uses a scalable SQL database.  It has a winning combination of time proven processes and an exciting
     modern user interface.

Integrate to other services with Patriot:
     CCTV, Telephony, IP, VoIP and web-based technologies are supported by Patriot.

Become more flexible with Patriot:  
     Patriot will streamline your monitoring processes helping to meet customer expectations.  Patriot will
     compliment and enhance your business.