Maintenance Tab

The Maintenance Tab stores technical information about the alarm panel system installed at the client premises.

Maintenance Tab


The Servicing Area enables you to fill in the following fields:


The Installation Area enables you to fill in the following fields when the current client is commissioned:

There are two commands in Installation Area:

A new pop-up window will be opened once the operator clicks "Decommission":

Decommission pop-up window

After the client is decommissioned, two new fields will show up in the Installation Area:

Installation area after the client has been decommissioned

Note: If commission/decommission in one of the area from a client, all other areas and the base will be commissioned/decommissioned at the same time, providing they are linked to base!

Panel Details

The Panel Details Area enables you to:

Panel Details

Please Note: panel details can also be referenced from Base account (Read Partitioned Clients for more information).

Panel Types

You can add or delete a panel type from the "Panel Type" pop-up menu.

Panel Type

The Panel Type Pop-Up enables you to define:

Once you set up a panel type, you can apply the panel type to other clients that have the same type of panel. The event type template, signal convert type, signal interpreter and zone template of this client will be set to the default listed in the panel type form.

Extra Info

This is a free form area where you can insert any additional information about the client.

Caller ID Numbers

You can specify the Caller ID numbers belonging to the site under the Caller ID Numbers section. If Check Caller ID is enabled, Patriot will check the caller ID number for all signals coming from the panel. If an unknown caller ID is received, Patriot will generate an alarm indicating a caller ID mismatch. It is also possible to add more than one caller ID for the site.

Please Note: The Caller ID is also checked against the sites Business Phone Number and the Panel Dialler Phone Number. If matched successfully, the signal is granted with correct Caller ID logging.