Plink - Patrol Module

  • Patrol Response

    Send jobs instantly to Patrols and receive notifciations and status changes in Patriot for Operators

  • Patrol & Guard Welfare Checks

    Look after your Patrols and Static Guards with regular status checks, GPS tracking and optional duress buttons

  • Digital Run Sheets

    Load, check off items and complete Jobs based from a Digital Run Sheets. Patrols can also scan NFC tags & QR codes as part of the Job

Patriots Plink Patrol app allows automated actions between Operators at the Monitoring Station and Patrols / Static Guards

  • Reduce dispatch time and eliminate communication errors by instantly sending all callout details directly to the Patrols smart phone
  • Save money and reduce operator training time by having one integrated system and reducing the time Operators and Patrols spend communicating details
  • Provide new services to your customers and increase your customer market

Plink Patrols are enhanced with the powerful Patrol Dispatch Module

Send Dispatch Requests to Dispatch Centers and Patrols with the Web Dispatch Module

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Patrol Response


The Operator sends the Job to the Patrol phone from the Patriot Response screen.


Patrols can receive patrol job requests from Patriot Monitoring stations and accept them providing an ETA or release the job back to the station if they are unable to accept the Job.


Patrols can view the job and site instructions, update the status when at the site and when they have left the site and add in notes and response details that are instantly sent back to the operating station.


Patrols can view the site address in Google Maps and get instant directions to the site from their current location.

Digital Run Sheets

Digital Runsheets for Scheduled Site Checks and Patrol Runs

  • Login and Load your Run
    Patrols can login and load their individual run. If Patrols fall ill or are busy and need to share their run other Patrols can take over their jobs
  • Digital Run Sheets
    Use maps to navigate to the next job. Complete Jobs by checking off the job items and scanning the required NFC tags, Beacons & QR codes
  • Photo Management
    Photos taken by Patrols at the site are instantly stored in Patriot and are available to operators and customers through the internet client access

Patrol Site Checks

Patrols can scan QR codes and NFC tags during Patrol Site Checks which transmit signals back to the Monitoring Station.

All Code and NFC tags scanned create instant logs in Patriot ready for exception or count reports.

  • Scan QR Codes at sites

  • Scan NFC tags at sites

  • Setup NFC tags from the Plink phone app

Welfare Checks – Lone Worker Mode

  • Welfare Checks protect Patrols, Lone workers and Static Guards.

  • Users can be setup with schedules and the Monitoring station can be notified if the User fails to enable welfare checking before the start of their shift or if they turn off welfare checking during their scheduled shift.

  • Users can send a Duress Alarm to Patriot Monitoring stations.

  • GPS locations on both welfare checks and Duress alarms are sent to the Patriot Monitoring Station so their location is instantly available for the operator during response.

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Video Tutorials

Video tutorials help new operators get an understanding of Patriot and advanced operators pick up time saving tips and tricks.

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