Response Tab

The client response tab allows you to view every action plan in your system alongside a preview of the response plan, and to override these response plans by creating client level response plan assignments.

Client Response Tab
Client response tab with the Fire Alarm action plan selected - response source is the global action plan default response named "Fire".

Both priority and non-priority action plans are listed on the client response tab. In the case of a priority action plan the response plan preview represents the actual keyholders, guards and other users who will be displayed, in descending Call Order, and along with contact details and instructions in the event of alarm activation. Non-priority action plans on the other hand will never generate an activation in Patriot. Therefore response plans assigned to non-priority action plans will never be "seen" by operators, but they can still be very useful for creating fully automated signal responses using assignable tasks.

Share Response

When setting up a multi area client, configure your client level response first in the base account and enable the "Share Response" option. Then make sure all area clients have their response linked to the base account, with "Include Base Response" enabled on all the areas. If a particular area needs a customised response, you can easily achieve this by unchecking the Include Base Response option on the response tab of the area client. When overriding the response in this way, make sure that the Include Base Users option is enabled on the Users Tab of the area account. This means that the full compliment of site keyholders are available for creating your area level response.

Client/Elsewhere Filtering

The list of actions plans can be filtered based on the source of the response plan. Only action plans that have been overridden at the client level will appear when the Client filter is enabled. This allows operators to quickly identify what customisation (if any) has been made to a client's response plan details.

Action plans with responses originating at the global, dealer or template level (or from a legacy response option) will appear when the Elsewhere filter is enabled. Each of these action plans has an Override... button visible below the response plan preview. When pressed this button gives you options for overriding the higher level response with a client level response plan assignment

Client Level Response Plans

The Response Plans area in the Response Tab of a Client allows response plans to be assigned to an Action Plan at the client level. Client level response plan assignments take precedence over (override) all other levels of response plan assignment (Global, Dealer & Template). See Action Plans for more information about actions plans and their response plan assignments.

Creating a client level response plan assignment

  1. Select any action plan from the list of "Elsewhere" action plans
  2. Press the Override... button below the response preview section.

    Overriding a response at the client level

    Override an action plan's response by assigning a new one at the client level.
  3. Two override options now appear below the response preview: By Type... (the default) and By User...

    Patriot recommends choosing the By Type... option when ever possible because typed response plans are reusable system-wide. If at any time a response update is required, this only needs to be done once, with the changes affecting all clients using the response plan.