Users Tab

The Users tab of a client displays information on the users loaded onto the panel or contact details for after hours callouts.

Users Tab
Users Tab
User Section
Users Section

Assigning a User

Assign a User To assign a user record, click the Assign/Edit Users button on the Users tab of a client record to display the Browse Users window.

Browse Users

The Browse Users area shows all users in the system. A User in Patriot 6 is an all-encompassing term that includes keyholders who can open and close a site, people who will be called to respond to an alarm, and people who receive notifications or reports. Some examples:

User details should only need to be entered into the system once, and then this same user can be assigned to many different client sites.

This is an important database design feature that ensures changes to User details (e.g. phone number or email address) only need to be updated in one place. Changes will automatically appear wherever that user is assigned throughout the database.

The right hand list on this screen shows a list of the clients/sites that the user has been assigned to.

Browse Users Area

Adding a New User

A user can be added from the Users Tab by clicking the Add button at the bottom of the Users window. Fill in the boxes to the right of the User list and click the Save button.

Adding a New User

In the Global Details area you will enter general information about a user that is not specific to a particular site. The area contains five tabs and a Type dropdown list where the type of User can be selected.

The User ID is system generated and is a unique number for this user throughout the system.

In the Client details area you will enter information about the user that is site specific including user numbers, call order and site specific instructions

Once all the details about the new user have been entered, click the Save button to insert the new user into the Patriot 6 database. This new User will now show up in the assigned users list of the selected client, and also in the Browse Users list. The new user can now be assigned to other sites.

Assigning a User to a site

The User will now appear in the User list for the selected client.

Site specific client details can now be added to the User.

Assign user
Assigning a User to a Site

Fields in the Global Details area are common to all sites that this User has been assigned to. Fields in the Client Details area are site specific.

Users Tab
User data is divided into Global Details and Client Details sections.

The User No. should coincide with user numbers sent from the alarm panel; that is if the signal format contains user numbers and user numbers have been programmed in the panel. In a live monitoring station User number lists would normally be obtained from the installers. If User numbers are being used and have been correctly entered Patriot 6 is able to keep a log history of the actual Users who Open and Close a Client Site. This log history is a useful management tool that may be requested by Clients.

There may be cases where a person is to be on the response list for a particular site but they are not a User in the Alarm System Panel. In these cases simply give the User a high User number outside the range of valid alarm panel users (e.g. user numbers from 10 000 upwards). Up to 65 000 Users can be entered for each site.

Changing a User Record

To change a user record, simply select the record in the User area of the Users Tab and make the required changes. Click the Save button.

Note: If you make changes to the Global Details area of a User this will affect all sites this User is assigned to.

Advanced Tab

Here you can change the dates and times that a user will be available in the response. See Schedule Availability for information on these features.

Advanced user settings

Groups Tab

User groupings are assigned on the groups tab. A typical use for this is to allow setting up 1 report that will go to all users in the group. See the User Groupings document for more information.

Assigning user groupings

De-Assigning a User Record


To delete a user record, select the required record in the User window and click the Delete button.

Note: This will only unassign the user from that site. If you wish to completely remove the user from the Patriot 6 database you can do this through the User Maintenance screen (Maintenance -< Users -< User Maintenance). Select the user in the list, and click the Delete button.

Copying User Information

Instead of repetitively inserting new user information, you can copy them from existing clients using the Copy From command.


All user records from the selected site are copied into the current client. This includes details such as Code, Password, and Instructions.

Copy All Users from site 2 to site 1

If any existing user records are present, a message warning that you 'Can only copy if no entries exist' will be displayed. Click OK. The warning message together with the Copy From window disappears.

Searching for a User

Use the Search and Clear buttons in the same way they are used in the Client Search popup in order to find a user.

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