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These video training tutorials include how to log in to Patriot, pick up and complete an alarm.
Also covered in depth are single and multi area client maintenance, reports, test modes, work orders, templates, Action Plans and Response Plans
The four training sessions are split into multiple separate videos so you can work your way through the different topics at your own pace.

1 Alarm Attendance

This guide is for operators who will be monitoring and responding to alarm activations. After completing all the training videos you will be able to load Patriot and confidently find and open client accounts as well as opening activations from the Activations window and responding to them. As well as going through responding to a standard alarms there are also videos showing operation response for a late to close alarms and a no signals received event.

Total video duration is about 30 minutes

2 Client Maintenance & Multi Area Accounts

Creating new accounts and navigating through an accounts tabs is easy with Patriot. The main tutorial video in this second training session will take you through creating a brand new account and entering all the important information. Additional videos show creating accounts from templates and multi area accounts creation and maintenance. This includes a look at the Area menu and how to navigate between areas of a site.

Total video duration is about 45 minutes

3 Reports, Work Orders & Test Modes

These tutorials cover creating reports from an account or the reports menu, setting up pre-set reports and importing reports. A separate training video goes through the steps to create a work order from an alarm attendance window and how work orders can be managed from a supervisor window. The various test mode options such as putting an account on test mode for a technician, zone specific test modes and scheduled test modes are part of the Test Mode training video.

Total video duration is about 35 minutes

4 Templates, Action Plans & Response Plans

Templates, Action Plans and Response Plans are the backbones of how signals are handled in Patriot. Templates determine the descriptions operators see for signals and are a central source of data. Action Plans determine an alarms icon, alarm sound and special alarm handling options. Response Plans will choose the users and instructions that show for each type of alarm. Understanding these features and how they can be used to handle your operational requirements will turn you into an advanced Patriot operator.

Total video duration is about 1hr and 20 minutes

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials help new operators get an understanding of Patriot and advanced operators pick up time saving tips and tricks.

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