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About Patriot

Patriot Systems develops and markets industry leading Security Alarm Monitoring Automation software. The company was established in 1997, although development of the software began four years prior. Today, Patriot is recognised as a world leader in Alarm Monitoring Software.

Patriot software is used worldwide in countries including Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, UK, Honduras, India, Poland, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Belgium, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Moldovia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Malaysia, Thailand and the USA.

Patriot is used throughout the security industry. Customers include central monitoring stations, military, police, schools, universities, telecommunications, hospitals, industrial and public/government utilities. We provide consultation and ongoing support services for all of our customers.

Patriot's team of experienced and qualified Software Engineers is focussed on continuously improving its products and services.

The Innovations introduced in Patriot 6; coupled with an exciting new user interface, confirm Patriot's position as a world leader in Alarm Monitoring Automation Software.

Why Choose Patriot

  • Save Money with Patriot:

    Patriot is competitively priced - you pay for only the modules and features you need.

  • Increase profits with Patriot:

    Optional modules allow you to offer customers an extensive range of profitable services. Automation features maximise productivity.

  • Use your existing alarm receivers and panels with Patriot:

    Patriot supports all popular alarm receivers and alarm formats with new ones being added all the time.

  • Have the latest technology with Patriot:

    Patriot uses cutting edge programming techniques and tools. It runs on the latest versions of Windows and uses a scalable SQL database. It has a winning combination of time proven processes and an exciting modern user interface.

  • Integrate to other services with Patriot:

    CCTV, Telephony, IP, VoIP and web-based technologies are supported by Patriot.

  • Become more flexible with Patriot:

    Patriot will streamline your monitoring processes helping to meet customer expectations. Patriot will compliment and enhance your business.

Hear what our customers have to say

Monitor New Zealand, New Zealand:

"Patriot delivered on all the above requirements at a price will below the cost of their competitors. In addition we have found the software to be very reliable, easy to operate and very innovative. After operating the software for over 18 months Monitor NZ is pleased with the depth of the software and the flexibility the software offers in allowing the Central Station to provide a value enhanced service to their clients."

Mekina Technologies, Australia:

"The current version of Patriot works well and is very steady"

Baltimore Public County Schools, USA:

"Your alarm monitoring software is working great! We are pleased with the software package"

Code One, USA:

"I just wanted to say hi and tell you the Patriot is working like a Swiss Clock. Thanks, I am very happy - at least I can sleep at night."

Kaiser Permanente Security, USA:

"We are very happy with Patriot as it has streamlined procedures, decreased the amount of training and increase the proficiency of our personnel".

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