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Patriot News

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Bureau Notes for Response

Bureau Notes allow useful instructions and information specific to a Bureau or Dealer to be displayed in the Response Screen during Activations from their customers. These can popup ( set in the Systemwide -> Activation settings ) by default or the operator can view these by clicking the information icon beside the Bureau name.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Flexible Response Instructions

With the User Type Instructions, Action Plan Instructions and Instruction overrides you can tweak the messages the operators will see during response to meet the exact requirements of the Bureau, client and signal type of the event.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts

Enhanced Search for Signals and Client History

Enhanced search options in the Signals window and Client History can make finding signals and events easier. Being able to filter specific action plans, search for key words and filter results on specific time frames will help operators perform searches faster and more effective.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Additional Signal Indicator

If a client receives additional signals after an Activation has been picked up or an activation has not been picked up additional icon will show this on the client in the Activation Queue and the Client Search respectivly.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Customized Keyboard Shortcuts make access to common windows in Patriot quick and easy. Being able to customize this per workstation allows operators to use the set of keyboard shortcuts they find most useful.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Commissioned / Decommissioned button

Commissioned / Decommissioned buttons provide a quick way to turn a client online or offline and automate the dates for reporting and billing.

Commissioned / Decommissioned button

Activation Notes

Activation Notes allow an operator to see the last Operator note for an event directly from the Activation window.

Activation Notes

Additional ICA Options

Additional ICA options allow you to further customize what users are able to view and do in ICA. You can now filter out operator names as well as full operator notes so you can choose what the end user sees in their signal history and can protect Operator identity. You can also restrict the time technicians can put sites on test mode to eliminate them leaving sites on test mode longer than necessary.

Additional ICA options

Addon Device Updated

Patriot has added the ability to store device serial number, panel type, communicator type, and polling group values for up to two addon devices per client. This helps with billing and storing the addon device information for operator and staff use. The BASE account linking for the Addon Device information is updated and addon templates can be separately linked from the panel details. There is also a new report for listing addon device serial numbers.

Updated Internet Client Access with new features

Patriot Internet Client Access allows customers 24/7 access to their signal and activation history, response configuration and site details. Bureaus have insant access to their clients where they can update details, create work orders and generate a variety of reports. ICA Security groups allow different access for technicians to use while on site so they can put site zones on test mode and check live signal deails without contacting the station.


More details on the new Internet Client Access can be found here or by contact sales@patriotsystems

New Samsung Camera Integration

With the Samsung Camera Module your station will be able to monitor Samsung DVR units. This will allow live feed and review from the DVR as well as two way audio. Patriot will also be able to receive events from the camera system and show event clips with live feed in the CatchIT event view.

Samsung Integration

Generate a Emergency Temporary License

Need a license quickly? Log into your website portal and gain an emergency 14 day license – This license will be compatible on your main server or backup servers.

Log in to the Patriot Web portal

Test Mode Warnings

Test Modes can now have a warning alarm so your opertors are warned when certain test modes are about to expire.Default behaviour controlled by new system setting.

Test Mode Log Expire Settings

More details on Test Mode and the warning system can be found in the Patriot Library

Report Settings

Added the ability to configure which type of operator notes / actions appear on the incident reports. This can be configured from the System Settings -> Printer Settings.

Report Settings

RTSP Camera Interface

Stream live feed from RTSP compatible cameras. These cameras can be linked to zones at a site and appear for operators to view exactly what is happening on site to make a quick and effective call for response.

Additional alarm sounds

Added 3 additional new alarm sounds allowing further customisation of response plan sounds.

Release Activations

A button has been added to the response window allowing the activation to be easily released (put back to new state). New Operator Security option controls the availability of this button.

Release Activation

Enhanced Response Instructions

Patriot dispatch and action plan instructions have been enhanced allowing stations to further customize the response list instructions that the operators follow. By being able to stipulate instructions by User, Zone, Site, Action Plan and Dispatch you can create an easy to maintain instruction system that generates easy to follow response instructions for operators to follow.

Enhanced Camera Interfaces

The camera review and live view interface has been enhanced to make camera monitoring more effective. All controls relating to reviewing previous recorded footage are now located under the ‘Review’ tab.

There have also been frame advance / rewind buttons added, viewport selector to buttons to speed up camera selecting, updated playback to allow selection of seconds and additional option to default Multiview settings.

Other recent camera updtes include

  • Added the ability to assign non camera zones to cameras. This allows non camera zones to trigger video verification events, and display the appropriate camera(s) live feed for verification.

  • Support for monitoring DVR's on separate areas to the alarm panel on site and allowing a DVR's cameras to be viewed across all areas of a client.

  • Added support for multiple DVR's at one premises

  • Enhanced polling on individual DVR's

  • Avigilon Camera Module released: Supports event reporting, telemetry, audio, polling, reference frames, guard tour.

Check out more details on the Patriot camera system on the cameras page

New mutiple Testmode

Testmode has been enhanced to allow multiple testmode entries per client. This allows a scheduled testmode to be setup along with a temporary testmode.

Enhanced Reports

For reports which cover a time range, like history reports, an extra setting has been added when setting up preset reports. This can define the amount of time the report covers so you can for example now setup a daily report which covers more or less than a day from the time the report runs.

For any reports run from within a client, the Client Number and Name has now been added to the email subject, when the report is sent via email.

Operator Messages

Operator messaging are now recorded and displayed on the Messages window.

Mass client import and export functions

Mass client import and export functions – Use advanced search to find clients or the export clients window to select a range or selection of client data to export. The Merge function now allows for merging multiple client details.

Supervisor Dashboard

Supervisor dashboard added to ICA. This displays live statistics on operator performance, activation totals, signal counts, operators logged in, and some server performance counters. Additional ICA security right (Supervisor Access) added to allow access to this page.

Single Sign On

Extended Single Sign On support to include ICA using a Microsoft work or School account (Azure).

Performance Monitors

Added additional performance monitors for monitoring Patriot in windows performance monitors. These additional monitors include signal count per port and action plan, pending activation count per warning timer and more.

Auto Client Area Creator

Signals to multi area clients received from an area that has not been setup will now create a new area client as a copy of the base account. The area mustn’t already exist and the base account must have the Area Code set to Normal. This allows areas to be setup using a walk test.

Dispatch Module

The new Dispatch Module allows patrol companies to be assigned to cities (postal codes) and selected in ranking order when dispatching on an activation.

Signal Replace Module

The Signal Replace Module allows for enhanced interpretation on signals coming into Patriot. This can be used to provide integration with unique format devices or to add further identfication to signals being received in Patriot.>

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