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Internet Client Access

Give your customers 24/7 Internet Access to their contact details, signal details and their site/s information

The Internet CLient Access(ICA) Module delivers secure, real-time access to client information from any web capable device.

Your customers can see site details, logs (history), activation reports, user lists, response plans, zone information and open/close schedules.

Adding the advanced ICA Module allows your customers to maintain selected site data.   ICA will reduce customer report requirements and results in improved efficiency and reduced operational costs.

The monitoring station has complete control over what sites can be accessed with ICA, and what data can be viewed.

  • Real-time 24/7 customer access to alarm monitoring information.
  • Uses a standard web browser.
  • Clients can access their site details, logs (history), activation reports, user list, activation response plans, zone listing, open/close schedules and track and document after hours entries and departures.
  • Can be hosted on your server or on Patriot servers for a low monthly charge.
  • CMS managers complete control over what clients may access.
  • ICA traffic is encrypted ensuring data security.
  • Multi language.

ICA Advanced

  • Allow your clients or Users to edit the perform client maintenance via any web device

Patriot Package: Patriot Professional or Patriot Enterprise

Other requirements: Patriot ICA Module, Patriot ICA Advanced Module, Microsoft Server 200/2003/2008 if self hosted, Broadband internet connection

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