Patriot Features

Packed full of Features - Patriot will meet your station and customer requirements

Main Features

  • Alarm Formats
    Comprehensive alarm format support including Contact ID, Contact ID Expanded, SIA, Ademco Fast, & IR Fast
  • Communication options
    Signal communication channels include PTSN, IP, GPRS & GSM
  • Compatible Alarm Receivers
    Huge range of compatible alarm receivers including Surgard System I,II,III,IV & V, FE900, Permaconn, Paradox, FSK & RDC

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  • Accounts
    Scalable amount of accounts from 100 to 100,000+
  • Zones
    Up to 36500 zones per partition
  • Users
    Up to 36500 users per partition
  • SQL Database
    Compatible with industry standard scalable SQL database - SQL Express is provided with Patriot and is usable up to approximately 2000 accounts
  • Platform
    Compatible with Windows & virtual machines
  • Data Backups
    Automated warm backups of your database
  • DR & HR
    DR and High Availability include Always On Availability Groups (AOAG), Windows Server Failover Cluster (WSFC), SQL clustering and SQL mirroring. Patriot Enterprise required
  • Certification
    Meets world class certifications including UL, BS and Grade 1 certification
  • Language
    Translation tool and multi-language support

    More about Patriot Translation Tool

  • Sounds
    Customizable alarm sounds, reminder alarm and interval settings are configurable
  • Operator Levels
    99 Operator levels that can have their own unique security settings
  • Security Groups
    Security groups provide multiple permission groups for different types of operators, technicians or dealers (Bureaus)
  • Signal Analyzer
    Ability to analyze signal origins & log caller ID
  • Single Sign On
    Active Directory Single Sign on capability
  • Data Archiving
    Retain database speed and efficency by automatically backing up old data
  • Auto Data Restore
    Auto Data Restore options - Warm backups from the primary server are automatically restored to the backup server – Enterprise Required
  • Emergency Support
    24/7 emergency support and case web portal to log, review and attached files to support cases
  • Documentation
    Full library documentation access for customers about Patriot features, operation and configuration
  • Training
    Online Training Modules and Remote Training sessions available
  • License System
    Smart license system allows additional accounts, workstations and additional modules to be added with no reinstallation required

General Operation Features

  • Easy to Use
    Easy to use consistent UI with fast access to all client details through activation response screen
  • Voice Codes & Passwords
    User Voice code and site duress password verification
  • Auto Dial
    Auto Dial functions available with Auto Dial modules
  • Dispatch Ticket
    Guard Dispatch Ticket/Code for callout and intervention reference
  • Test Mode
    Test mode with scheduling options able to be set at Account, Area, Event or Zone levels
  • Automated restoral handling
    Event restoral options such as ’Delay and Alarm if no restore’ and ‘Alarm Again if No Restore’
  • Multi-level Overrides
    Override Event Types, Response Plans, Action Plans, Charges and automatic notifications at a client level
  • Simple Response List
    Event Grouping and runaway alarm monitoring to provide a short, easy to navigate Activation List for operators to follow
  • Auto Select Activations
    Auto select Activation button for operators to automatically select the next highest priority alarm


  • Action Plans
    Configurable Action Plans allow advanced customization of grouping and actioning of incoming signals
  • Response Plans
    Global Response Plans generate response lists for easy response maintenance and customer setup
  • Action Plan Escalation
    Escalate Action Plans for further control over event management and automation
  • Runaway Alarms
    Runaway and Multi-Knock alarmscan be automatically detected and treated by a selected Action Plan
  • Templates
    Customizable Event Type template and downloadable standard Templates
  • Reminder Alarms
    Client Reminders appear in Activation Queue for operator action and can be setup as one off or scheduled reminders such as welfare checks
  • Holiday Schedules
    Holiday schedules can override the clients standard schedule for easy maintenance
  • Panel Types
    Panel Types allow quick and easy setup of Event Types, Zones and Alarm Panel configuration when setting up new clients
  • Import and Export Data
    Import and export client data in CSV format
  • Dealer (Bureau) Billing
    One charge billing for Dealers / Bureaus with a breakdown of charges for each of their clients

    More information on Dealer (Bureau) features

  • Completed Activations Window
    A searchable list of completed activations makes it easy for supervisors to review completed alarm activations

Advanced Module Features

  • Internet Client Access
    Internet Client Access allows customers to view and edit their site/s signal history, User details, Response Details, Response List, and zones
  • Billing and SRM
    CMS and SRM integrations eliminates manual errors, keeps track of payments and reduces data entry
  • Technician Access
    Technicians can view signal history of sites and place sites on and off test mode and complete Work Orders remotely through PLINK or any web capable device
  • Lone Worker and GPS monitoring
    Monitor lone worker devices and vehicles and receive alarm events and view location on an interactive map
  • SDKs
    Integrate devices and services into Patriot with JSON, standard Plugin, and Camera SDK’s available

    More details on Patriot SDK

Messaging Modules

  • Two way text messaging allows automatic notifications based on events are able to be sent to user mobile phones, e-mail, smart phones or pager (optional modules required)
  • First Response allows Users to acknowledge or fall back an alarm notification by email, smart phone or text message
  • Message Formats allow customizable messages for Email and Text Messaging notifications for different events
  • >
    Message escalation allows a list of Users to be notified in a set order after preset time intervals

More details on Messaging Modules

Camera System Feature

  • >Compatible camera protocols modules include IP, RTSP and ONVIF
  • Compatible Camera Systems include Frontel / Videofied / Hikvision / Avigilon / Dahua / UDP / Paradox / Hanwha / Mobotix / IDIS / Rialto
  • Virtual Guard Tours provide scheduled or instant tours via cameras at site
  • Video Event Recording Module allows video events to be saved to a local storage for auditing and review
  • Integrate devices and services into Patriot with JSON, standard Plugin, and Camera SDK’s available

More details on Camera Modules

Dealers (Bureau) Features

  • >Dealer overrides for charges, Action Plans, Response Plans and Dispatch
  • Engineers linked to Dealers allows engineers access to the dealers clients to view signals and turn sites on and off test mode
  • Dealer branding allows their clients branded in the Patriot UI with the Dealer logo and callback number
  • Dealers can access, edit and maintain their clients using Internet Dealer Access module
  • Reserve Client ID ranges for dealers

More details on Dealer (Bureau) features

Report Features

  • Huge range of standard reports included with optional reports for download
  • Operator & Client maintenance audit trail reports
  • Automatic reports for work orders
  • Preset Reports set up with definable schedules
  • Customizable reports of signal and monitoring information both ad hoc and automatic in multiple formats including pdf, txt, rtf and excel
  • Customizable appearance of watermarks, headers, footers and images on reports
  • Customizable content and details on reports created through SQL queries
  • Automated reports can be sent via email or saved to a local drive in variety of forms

More details on Patriot Reports

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