Work Orders & Job Servicing

  • Complete Logging

    All operator and technician notes and updates are logged for reporting and auditing

  • Remote Work Order Access

    Technicians can access the work order remotely and update details, charges and enter on site & off site times

  • Admin Work Order Window

    Administrators can use the Work Order window for managing, reviewing and updating work orders

Work Order Features

Use the Patriot Work Order functions to dispatch jobs to Technicians and automate alarm servicing

  • Operators can create work orders from a Clients work orders tab if the customer, Bureau or Technician has called the request in.

  • Operators can create work orders directly from the Activation response screen which will quickly copy in the signal and activation details to the work order notes for the Technician.

  • Patriot administrators can configure default priority, processing groups and other options to automate Work Order and Work Order details.

  • Patriot administrators can customise billing charges and add them to the workorder.

  • Automatically send Bureau or technicians preset work order report at scheudled times so they can view their uncompleted jobs.

Remote Access for Technicians and Bureaus

Technicians can access the work orders and other account details from their mobile phone or any web capable device. As well as updating the work order the technicians can add in charges, edit all details, add in on site / off site times and sign off the job.

Technicians can view work orders for clients from the Patriot Plink app or any web capable device

Technicians can update the workorders details, add in billing charges and update notes and details

Technicians can view the live signal history of the client in needed

Technicians can put the site, zone or area on test mode through Plink or the ICA

Technicians can enter on site and off site times, complete the work order and provide a digital signature

Note that some fields are not able to be edited directly through ICA and additional ICA Logins may be required for editing options.

Administration Work Order Window

The work order Window allows an adimistrator to view Workorders, create and update work orders

  • Operators can edit, delete and add in additional work order charges.

  • Operators can search for and filter searches to find current or completed work orders.

  • Operators can setup and configure disptach times and send Work Order via email to the Technician or Bureau.

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