Lone Worker Modules

  • Apps and Devices

    Patriot integrated Lone Worker Modules include MEITRACK, IDENTICOM, GOTOP, PLINK, CHIPTECH - GO, ARC ANGEL + More

  • Monitor and Protect

    Protect and respond to alarms from Family, Elderly, Social Workers, Static Guards and other types of Lone Workers

  • Advanced Features

    Patriot operaters can utilise Listen In, GPS Tracking with mapping, welfare checks and more enhanced features to provide advanced services

Responsibile & Reliable Lone Worker Solutions

  • Increase revenue by providing high value protection services to new markets
  • Offer Value Added services through your Dealers and Bureaus
  • Monitor and Protect Static Guards, Police, Government Workers, Builders, Social Workers and the elderly with a variety of devies and apps
  • Receive and respond to duress alarms from end Users in remote locations and use Listen In, GPS tracking and welfare checking features

Lone Worker Devices & Apps

Monitoring the safety and well being of lone workers poses a very real problem for management and a great opportunity for your station to offer additional value added services for your customers.

By combining the flexibility of Patriot monitoring software with the features of the Telephony, Messaging and Mapping modules, you can add lone worker monitoring to the products offered to your customers.

Patriots Lone Worker Modules include

Compatible Units

Duress and alarm Monitoring

GPS Tracking*

Listen In Functions**

Welfare Checks



VEHICLE TRACKING: T355, MVT380, MVT800, MVT600, T1, T333 & TC68S


Plink App is free on iOS and Android


TL-206, TK-206 & TE-207 devices

Identicom SoloProtect


SCSI Duress Watch

SCSI Duress Watch

ChipTech Go

Chiptech - GO


*GPS Tracking: Patriot Internet Mapping Module required

*Listen In functions: Patriot Asterisk Module required

Monitoring and Responding to Lone Worker Devices

How Lone Worker Devices Work

When a Lone Worker presses a Duress or SOS button on the device or phone app an alarm is sent to Patriot.

Lone Worker to Patriot

Once the alarm event is received then Patriot will display the event to operators to pick up and respond to.

An alarm can also be generated for operators to respond to if the device stops communicating with Patriot or fail to check in during a Welfare Check.

Duress Alarm

Operators can review and filter GPS tracking data to see where the End User has been and the End Users last known position.

lone worker mapping

If the device allows for Listen In Audio then a phone call can be established automatically with the operator through an Asterisk PBX system. This allows the End User and the operator to communicate and respond to the situation effectively.

The operator can then complete the alarm if it is a false event or send a Patrol or emergency services to the last known position.

SCSI Duress Watch

The SCSI Duress Watch is a descrete wearable panic device for Lone Worker safety. With the duress button discretely embedded into a watch you can take this portable alarm anywhere you go in the office, business establishment or any workplace.

  • Discreet alerting of DURESS
  • Escalate through duress levels: Green to Orange to Red – the highest priority level
  • Touchscreen or button trigger
  • WiFi & LTE-based connection
  • GPS, Cell & WiFi location tracking
SCSI Duress Watch

Click here for more information on the Duress Watch

Plink Lone Worker

Plink Logo

Patriot Plink Lone Worker app is free on iPhone and Android phones.

  • Welfare Checks protect Patrols, Lone workers and Static Guards.
  • Users can send a Duress Alarm to Patriot Monitoring stations.
  • Optional BlueTooth button allos duress alarms to be sent by a simple and quick button press.
  • Users can be setup with schedules and the Monitoring station can be notified if the User fails to enable welfare checking before the start of their shift or if they turn off welfare checking during their scheduled shift.
  • GPS locations on both welfare checks and Duress alarms are sent to the Patriot Monitoring Station so their location is instantly available for the operator during response.
Plink Phone

Plink welfare options
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Video Tutorials

Video tutorials help new operators get an understanding of Patriot and advanced operators pick up time saving tips and tricks.

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