Dealer / Bureau Features

Streamline Dealer / Bureau maintenance activities with Dealer / Bureau access via the ICA Web Portal and advanced dealer options for monitoring and response of alarm events. Provide your dealers with control over their customers and data & reduce operational costs for your monitoring station.

  • 24/7 real-time access for Dealers, Bureaus and Installers
  • Allow remote maintenance of customer details, creation of new accounts and access to client reports
  • Security Groups provide the Monitoring Station complete control over which information dealers have access to and can edit
  • All data stored in a central location - no duplication
  • Provide dealer / bureau branding and callback number details to operators when viewing the dealer / bureau clients and activations

Dealer / Bureau Features

Allow dealers / brueaus to log in anytime, anywhere and access their clients details, update client details, access reports & create new accounts.
Supervisors can defined the features and options available for each Dealer (Bureau)

Dealer Bureau access

ICA Web Portal access for the dealer / bureaus end users can be branded with the dealer / bureau logo and given a customer look using html / css.

Dealer Access

Override Action Plans, Response Plans, instructions, charges and dispatch settings at a dealer / bureau level to provide unique monitoring and response configuration for each dealer / bureau

If a dealer / bureau wants to charge their customers a different amount than the standard fees your station uses then dealer charge overrides allow you to set charges specific charges for that specific dealers clients.

Dealer Bureau Charges

Dealer branding will brand the dealer / bureau clients in the Patriot UI with the dealer logo and their callback number

Dealer Bureau branding and callback numbers

Patriot supervisors can define Client ID ranges and specific PORT IDs to each dealer / bureau. Allocating Client ranges and PORT IDs will ensure the dealer / bureaus can configure client panles with their assigned client IDs and they haven't been assigned to other dealer / bureau or monitoring station clients. When the dealer / bureau creates a new account through the ICA Web Portal this feature will also ensure that the client is created using a Client ID within the dealer / bureau unique Client ID range.

Dealer Access

Requirements: Patriot Professional or Patriot Enterprise & the Dealer / Bureau Module & also ICA Extended Logins

Engineer / Technician Features

Engineers linked to a dealer / bureau can access the dealers clients through any web capable device and view the signal history of clients, turn them on and off test mode and create & complete workorders.

Engineer Details

Testmode for Engineers and Technicians

Workorders for Engineers and Technicians

More details on Patriot Work Orders

Requirements: Patriot Professional or Patriot Enterprise & the Dealer / Bureau Module & also ICA Extended Logins

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Video tutorials help new operators get an understanding of Patriot and advanced operators pick up time saving tips and tricks.

Patriot Videos

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