Patriot Language Translation Tool

Patriot can be translated into any language supported by the Microsoft Windows operating system. Translation files are easily created by end users or existing files can be used.

The Patriot translation tool allows your station to customise Patriot's on screen prompts and dialogues to your language and station requirements. You can create and save Language Translation files for many different languages.

Each workstation can select and use the specific Language Translation file that is most suitable for that operator. This allows stations which have operators that use different languages to monitor and respond through a interface with terminology and language best suited to them.


  • All words and phrases in Patriot can be translated.
  • The translation application lists each word or phrase in English. These can be translated into the required language on screen - quickly and easily.
  • The translation can be edited at any stage if required.
  • Uses Windows regional settings to display dates, times, currency and numbers in local formats.
  • The display language can be changed at any time by selecting from a list of languages currently supported.
  • Each workstation can be set to a different language. This means that one Patriot System can be used by operators in locations using different languages.
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