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Patriot automation systems run smoothly and trouble free year after year but if the unexpected occurs you want to be aboard the Patriot Software Assurance Service for 24/7 emergency support.

Patriot's Software Assurance Service is a vital component of any serious monitoring station. It will ensure ongoing reliability and reduce operational and software costs for your business.

Patriot Support subscribers receive access to the customer only zone of the Patriot Web site. This gives you access to extensive technical documentation, requests for development and software updates, essential tools for Monitoring Station supervisors and managers.

Patriot support is free for the first three months from the issue of your registration code.

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    • Log on to the licensed user zone of the Patriot website and log your support case

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  • Email:

    You can email if you have any questions regarding Patriot. If you require support immediatly please use the online support case system for fast response.

    Support Phone Numbers:

    NZ +64 (0) 9 974 4691

    UK +44 (0) 161 738 1301

    AUS +61 (0) 7 3088 4925

    If there is no response within 30 minutes then call our emergency backup number

    Backup Emergency Support Number +44 (0) 161 464 3299

Software Assurance Service

Patriots Software Assurance program provides 24 hour, 365 day emergency support service to ensure you station is running effectively each and every day.

Expert Assistance

Avoid wasting precious time and money when you can get targeted expert assistance from the Patriot support team. Support technicians are available and ready to assist anytime of the day. Urgent emergency support requests are given priority and a guaranteed response time. Patriot’s support team can connect directly to your workstations and servers via secure, encrypted, virtual desktop sessions. This is as e­ffective as having an on-site engineer and allows for speedy analysis and fault resolution.

Free Patriot Updates

The security industry is constantly changing, new technology is being released and clients require new and improved services to meet their security demands. Patriot has a team of developers dedicated to ensuring that Patriot has the features and functions you need to provide advanced and value added services to your clients. Don’t get caught out with an obsolete system and keep your monitoring station cutting edge with the latest version of Patriot.

Module Setup & Configuration Changes

While very easy to use, Patriot is a powerful and flexible system with many configuration and set-up options. To take advantage of this power it is important that you have expert assistance at hand whenever you need to make configuration changes or even if you simply want to know the best way to use a particular feature. Patriot Support can also help you stay up to date with ever changing signal formats and communication protocols.

Software Assurance Policy

Clients on a Patriot Support Contract are entitled to support as detailed in the Patriot Support Agreement.
Clients must be on the latest version of Patriot to be eligible for Software Assurance.
Software Assurance includes both 24/7 support and Patriot upgrades.
Contact for a copy of this agreement.

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Casual Support Policy

Clients on a Software Assurance contract are entitled to support as detailed in the Software Assurance agreement. Please contact for a copy of this agreement.

Software Assurance is free for the first 3 months from the issue of your registration code. Thereafter, an optional Patriot 24/7 Support Contract is available. As well as 24/7 emergency support, the contract provides free non-urgent support during Patriot business hours. It also provides Software Assurance with all Patriot updates and upgrades being available free of charge during the support period.

Your current support status is shown on your registration details page.

Clients who don't have a current Software Assurance contract and require support will need to purchase Casual support.

Software Assurance only applies to the latest 3 versions of Patriot, if you are on Software Assurance and your Patriot version has become deprecated, it is heavily advised that you upgrade to the latest supported version. Support for deprecated versions of Patriot will be charged at Casual support rates.

If you require Casual support and you're using a deprecated version of Patriot it is advised that you upgrade to a supported version of Patriot first. Casual support for deprecated versions of Patriot will be charged at Urgent support rates.

Conditions and pricing for support are outlined below.

Casual Support Conditions

The customer must agree to pay casual support charges and supply credit card details to Patriot before the support incident is queued for attention.

Casual support is provided on a non-urgent basis and only during normal business hours in the UK and New Zealand where Patriot support desks are located. Casual support is not covered during the weekends.

Casual support will commence when a support technician is available.

Casual support is charged at $USD 240.00 for the first hour and $USD 60.00 per 1/4hr thereafter.
Each incident will be subject to a minimum charge, $USD 240.00.

Chargeable time commences when the Patriot support technician begins working on the case.

Chargeable time ends when the client sends an email or fax confirming that the case is to be closed.

In the event of a delay or interruption to support delivery, the support technician can put the case on hold.

A casual support event can include any number of issues but they must all be defined and serviced within the same support session and are not transferable to other support sessions.

No quotes or estimates will be given for the amount of time required to resolve an issue.

Clients not on Software Assurance will be required to pay casual support for upgrades of Patriot versions that are purchased if assistance is required.

Patriot will provide support assistance for the previous three versions of Patriot from the latest version of Patriot.

Patriot may decide to waive the support charges in certain circumstances, but the above casual support policy must be agreed to before any work is commenced.

Developer Required Support

Developer required support are support requests that fall out of the scope of Software Assurance as they require specific development or involvement of a developer. This includes SQL Query Building, Report Building and Data Conversion work

Note: if there are any changes required for a custom query or report RDLC in the future due to changes to the database structure or Patriot software, then these future changes will also be chargeable.

Clients on a current Software Assurance contract will be charged $USD 175.00 per hour
Clients who don't have a current Software Assurance contract will be charged $USD 300.00 per hour
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Video tutorials help new operators get an understanding of Patriot and advanced operators pick up time saving tips and tricks.

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