Supported Alarm Receivers & Panels

Patriot supports all popular alarms receivers.

If your receiver is not in this list, contact Patriot Sales to see if it is supported by an existing receiver task or emulation.

Alarm Formats

  • Contact ID
  • 3x1/3x2/4x1/4x2
  • SIA
  • Contact ID Expanded
  • Ademco Fast
  • Radionics (Modem2/6112/7112/8112/9112)
  • IR Fast (supporting full text from the panel)
  • IR Fast for 1000/2000 panels
  • IEI Direct Line
  • Ademco Express
  • FBI Superfast
  • Silent Knight (5240/7100/FSK 2/FSK)
  • Healthlink
  • Atronica BS100
  • Europlex 3GS
  • Eltek 90/95 and many more
  • Acron Fast
  • and many more...

If you want to know more about an alarm format is not in this list you can contact Patriot Sales for more information.

Comptible Alarm Panels

There are many alarm panels that can communicate directly to Patriot listed in our IP Modules webpage linked in the section below.

Here is a brief list of some of those alarm panels that are able to send to Patriot stations via IP / GPRS directly or through server software receivers.

  • AJAX - ( Including verification images available )
  • Vesta Panels ( Including verification images )
  • Bosch Cloud ( Including GPS locations ) - SIA DC09
  • AXIS Cloud - SIA DC09
  • BOSCH IP CM751B Conettix IP - CSV IP
  • Secolink GSV4M - CSV IP
  • Hikvision AXpro - SIA DC09 ( includes URL for video events )
  • Jablotron - SIA DC09
  • Trikdis Communicators - SIA DC09
  • Satel Integra & Perfecta - SIA DC09
  • Eldes ET082 communicators - SIA DC09
  • SECOLINK - DC07 - SIA DC09
  • Crow Shepherd - SIA DC09 ( includes URL for images )
  • and many more...

IP Receiver Modules

Patriot integrates with the most advanced IP equipped panels signalling via IP alarm receivers including DSC/Surgard, InnerRange, Paradox + many more

Contact Patriot sales to find out if your receiver/panel combination is supported

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Video Tutorials

Video tutorials help new operators get an understanding of Patriot and advanced operators pick up time saving tips and tricks.

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