Internet Mapping

  • Client Site Mapping

    Operators can pinpoint the client on an interactive map that allows street view and satalite view

  • Mobile Client Tracking

    Mobile Clients with GPS tracking display current and previous positions for accurate response

  • Patrol Dispatch Mapping

    Display activations with locations of Patrols to easily dispatch the closest Patrol

Client Site Mapping

Show the location of the client site on an interactive Map.

  • GeoCoding
    Geocode all the site locations into Mapping Locations for use with the Internet Mapping features
  • Dual Screen
    Mapping automatically pops on a second monitor when an operator opens a client or activation
  • Streetview
    Use street view to assist Patrols to find the correct client site
  • Activation Mapping
    View all activations on a large interactive map with event type icons and patrols displayed

Mobile Client Tracking

Track Loneworkers and mobile clients with GPS and location tracking

  • View Tracking
    Previous positions are shown on an interactive map showing past GPS positions. Current position is highlighted with a green location flag
  • Additional Information
    Click on any GPS location flag will provide the operator additional information on the mobile units GPS positions
  • Time and Date Filtering
    Show the past hour, day, week or a customer time frame of GPS location data

Patrol Dispatch Mapping

View your Plink Patrol locations comparitive to a alarm event so operators can quickly find and dispatch the closest Patrol

  • Patrol Groups
    Only the Patrols that are appropriate for that client will be shown in the map and the dispatch list
  • Active Patrols
    Only the Patrols that are active fwill initially show in the map and the dispatch list. Inactive Patrols can be shown if the operator wishes.

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Video Tutorials

Video tutorials help new operators get an understanding of Patriot and advanced operators pick up time saving tips and tricks.

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