Patriot Reports

Patriots reporting system provides a versatile and powerful solution for creating and organizing reports for your customers, bureaus and for your own station to review.

  • Packed with over 25 standard reports including log, activation, analytic, patrol and response reports
  • Specialized downloadable reports for UK, USA / UL and Grade 1 stations
  • Flexible report settings including alarm type and client filtering, date and ordering options
  • Customise your report templates to your exact requirements with GraphQL and Microsoft Report builder
  • Setup preset reports which can be run manually or on schedules & sent out by email
  • Reports can be saved to disk or sent in pdf, word, or excel formats
  • Reports can include images from patrol jobs

Quickly Generate Common Reports

  • Client Report Screenshots

    Operators can easily generate common reports through the clients window

  • Client Activation Report Screenshots

    Activation reports can be generated directly from the clients history tab

  • Incident Report Screenshots

    Incident Report Example

  • Response Report Screenshots

    Response Report Example

Automated Reports

Save Report Screenshots
  • Preset reports can be setup to run at scheduled times and automatically be emailed to the customerers, Bureaus or end user.

  • Clients, Bureaus or dealers who manage mutiple sites can receive one reports with data on all of their sites.

Customise Reports

  • Download UL / ASIAL and other specialized reports from the Patriot library.

  • Create Bureau / Dealer branded reports that have their own logo that can be sent specifically to their clients.

  • Fully customize the position, layout and details of any report with Report Builder.

  • Add in graphs that populate based on the report data to show the details clearly and effectively.
Save Report Screenshots

Patrol Reports

Save Report Screenshots
  • Create Dispatch Job and Patrol Job reports on demand and send them out via email in a variety of formats

  • Automatically send out Patrol Dispatch Job reports when the activation or dispatch job has been completed

  • Allow Bureaus, Dealers and end Users to create Patrol Job reports from the ICA web Portal

  • Include Feedback Form details aas well as important dispatch job information such as docket numbers and onsite/offsite times

  • Preset reports allow patrol reports to be automatically sent out at scheduled times each day

  • Photos from Plink Patrol units and Web Dispatch response can be included in the reports

  • Create reports from Web Dispatch, Manual Dispatch, Patriot to Patriot Dispatch or Plink Patrol Response Dispatch Job details

Example Reports

An Incident report provides a list of signals that are considered to be incidents or involved with incidents. These reports often include operater notes.

An Log report provides the basic signal history of of account.

This example shows a Log report that includes a bar graph

A Dispatch Job report provides details on a Patrol Dispatch Job such as a site check after an alarm event.

A Patrol Job report provides details on a scheduled Patrol Job such as a site lock up.

A Reason Analysis report provides a breakdown on the different reason for alarm activations.

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Video Tutorials

Video tutorials help new operators get an understanding of Patriot and advanced operators pick up time saving tips and tricks.

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